Talent Spot | 12 Tips to Banking Recruitment in Singapore

If you are working in the banking sector and finance. If moving to Asia and perfectly Singapore is in the top of your career development plans.
Then you will have to be really aware of many elements that might contribute on increasing your chances achieving this goal.
The Banks in Asia are most likely to reduce costs which Implicates many steps that they take in order to achieve it, for instance Singapore in the last five years has reinforced the conditions of visa acquirement.

This is why in this articles we will tell you as a foreigner how you could boost your chances to get a job in Singapore, many of the tips below might be your key to successfully achieve this goal:

Change the country location not the firm
The first recommendation for bankers and what might be the best strategy for them is to ask for relocation by staying in the same company but being mobile.This is a golden opportunity that will enable you to move toSingapore, gain some experience and be more knowledgeable about the market in there, so if any interesting opportunity is offered you can seize it.

Work on a well-built CV that shows high potential
Working for a second plan company is generally not very appealing and attractive to the banking sector headhunters in Asia.
Never apply for a job in Singapore if you lack this flashy CV flair on which you value: Leading projects, large scale operations, Major contracts and prestigious clients... you have been taking part of.
Unless you are lucky enough to get an interview with someone who has a sharp knowledge of your domestic market, at that point your interviewer will be better receptive of what you have fulfilled at a niche market which is hundreds of thousands of kilometers away.

Get a local phone number
When employers see a foreign phone number they are to some extent more reluctant to contact you for an interview.
From where having:
A local phone number or 
A local address of one of your friends living there on your resume might be a good tip to get a better score.

Never give the wrong impression
Don’t even try to denigrate your country or the region you have been working at for any reason while having an interview with recruiters or banks in Singapore or Asia.
Basically, because this might be transmitting wrong signs about you and you will be considered as an escapee who is just trying to flee with purely negative purposes.
What really matters for the recruiters is what added value you can bring to the Bank not why you want to leave Europe or any other region you would come from.

Always have an aim and a projection in the future in term of your career plan
Candidates from foreign countries must be more proactive; candidates with a relevant experience in Asia are more likely to have the chance to get hired, more than those who have get there for the first time for an interview.
On the other hand if you have the determination to find a job in Singapore without relevant Asian experience this means a lot of engagement from your side (many visits, internship, and spending some time seeking the opportunity you are looking for).
This is why a vision of where, when and what you will be doing besides putting all you have in hands to achieve it, might increase your chances of successfully getting hired.  

Don’t focus only on recruiters
Candidates from abroad must have 
A clearer idea of what they are looking for
Be more proactive and centered in their research
Create their own database of target recruiters
Mapping your progress 
Work on your network by having from time to time coffee or breakfast with all targeted people on the top of your contact list
Nowadays it’s better to be active and more available than passively wait for headhunters to get in touch with you.

Don’t use “looking for an international experience" as an answer in your interview
It’s not recommended to use the expression looking for an international experience during your interview, because this implicitly means you are not implicated in Asia. Only because you are ready to work anywhere in Asia this won’t ease your mission getting a job.

The more knowledgeable about Asian market you are the better your opportunities getting a job will be
Try to demonstrate anything that relates you to the region besides family ties which is qualified as the strongest. The fact of speaking one of the Asian languages is an extremely considered quality, so don’t omit mentioning that while being interviewed.

Don’t forget your family
The recruiters will definitely ask you some questions related to the impact that moving or relocating to a different region might have on you and your family. So be ready and prepare well to this question because your answer could be decisive for your career. A random answer would be destructive this is why it is recommended to prepare a structured well thought answer.

Show more flexibility
Banks in Singapore and Asia in general are not interested on hiring expats who won’t be capable of working and melting into different cultures. This is why you should be expecting a question related to flexibility and if you consider yourself as being flexible.
For that you would better try to highlight moments, situations where you have demonstratedsuppleness, where you have been able to adapt to the situation whether in a personal or professional scale. Moreover you could be asked to give an example, (so be prepared for that).
Don’t discuss relocation fees in the beginning
Unless it’s addressed by the end of the interview, it’s highly recommended not to ask or mention it during the first interview.
Unless the recruiter opens this discussion.
The reason behind this advice is because in general those who benefit from relocation fees are internal employees and those who have been transferred to different regions; on the other hand 95% of externally hired profiles don’t receive any subsidies for relocation.

If you say you master something this means you really master it
Many of the expats apply for unsuitable positions which might impact negatively their job application.
For instance in some positions description, it’s clearly cited that it’s mandatory that the candidate speaks Chinese. But still some candidates with international experience will think that their experience and high qualifications might help them bypass this requirement which is totally wrong.   

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