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Nowadays all over the southeastern part of Asia and particularly Singapore it’s very common to carry out mass recruitment campaigns.

These high-volume, hiring projects are typically used in workplaces where the turnover rate of employees is high or where new Businesses settlement has been newly established and there is an urgent need to bulk recruitment, or for fast growing companies.

This is why it’s a must to have a preliminary well structured action plan in addition to a tracking tactic which will allow you to keep a regular rate of results analysis, so to be able to easily identify challenges and readjust your strategy and resources rapidly to be always at advantage.

It's indispensable for recruitment team to define exactly the needs and demands of bulk hiring campaign to draw a suitable plan.

But to adopt a successful strategy you will have to find the best ways to attract the most efficient profiles for your mass recruitment campaign

To be able to do that as a hiring manager or hiring agency you might need to answer the following set of questions.

  • 1. What is your first priority?
  • 2. How long does it take to fill all vacancies?
  • 3. What are the deadlines for the staffing?
  • 4. Are we talking about short or long term need?
  • 5. What pools of candidates do you expect to hire from?
  • 6. What would be the budget for the hiring campaign?

Answering these questions will allow you to draw the action plan you are going to adopt afterwards.

In any mass hiring campaign there pillars over which you have to work meticulously to take advantage of its good outcome.


Find a way to promote and strengthen your brand name in the market, creating awareness about your company to the most efficient level ever is the best way to mass recruitment, this will ease your task appealing to talented profiles, with a good brand you might get to your target through one of the following options:

  1. - Employee’s referrals: The power of your current employees' networks might surprise you.
  2. - Recruitment advertising
  3.        1.Job fairs and job boards: We can’t omit that Paid job advertisement is a good approachSocial networks: key for both recruiters and job seekers on social media platforms
  4.        2.Staffing agencies: Have more professional skills in planning, sourcing, screening resumes, interviewing, and assessment, moreover in other tasks in volume hiring process than in-house recruiters.
  5. - Universities, Colleges, Vocational Schools, and Campus
  6. - Job fairs  
  7. - Existing in-house database

Identifying opportunities

Be able to visualize through the candidates selection you have made where they can thrive and excel.

Be able to match skills with the right and relevant position to avoid disinterest or mismatch and any negative impact that this might have on the employee’s integration.

Urging individuals to show where their best skills lie.


This happens when the recruitment is taken to an international level, for which the internet as a mean of head hunting might be more useful than what you would have thought.

All profiles or candidates might be subject to recruitment this is why it’s better to widen your range so to be able to better filter the results after.

For that you will have to focus your search on the best of the best options and proposed profiles.

Make sure you are aware of the area you are looking for so to be able to target it successfully.

Language and cultural Barriers

This is definitely one of the challenges you will face while launching an international hiring and you should be prepared to communicate in the target language, be aware of cultural differences and employment tendencies. Without forgetting to adapt your speech to the interlocutor adopting different tones according to whether your interviewee is a graduate or experienced professional is a must.

Maximizing the use of technology

The immersion of technology is more and more important in HR process and typically for bulk recruitment it ensures a wide range of data it’s simply more resourceful, from finding profiles to contacting whether via electronic mail or VOIP call to a video call and video conferencing services to perform interviews, which will contribute on granting a better understanding of the candidates.

Connections and Networks

Never underestimate your contacts the candidates you are looking for might be closer than what you would expect from where the necessity to keep your network structured and contact them to check for potential candidates.

This will help build bond and break the ice easily than adopting the mass recruiting campaign from scratch so it will help out save both time and budget.

It also will help widen your contacts to a more global vision on a variety of different areas.

These were few of the golden tips to a successful mass recruitment, to conclude I would like to add that it’s crucial that the candidacies should be sorted out and treated vigilantly and with sensitivity so to ensure a high rate of positive outcome as intended for, and the quality of the recruitment should never be compromised for the number of targeted nominees.

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