Singapore Branch of Talent Spot Was Founded

In 2016, the Singapore Branch of Talent Spot was founded, which aims to provides integrated HR solutions for the clients in Asian-Pacific region, including talent outsourcing, HR outsourcing, business outsourcing, executive search and recruiting process outsourcing, etc. Its business will cover over ten countries and regions. This is a milestone in Talent Spot's internationalization and is the mark of deepened regional cooperation in Chinese HR outsourcing industry in the future.  

Chary Zhu, the founder of Talent Spot, points out that, the deepened regional cooperation in Chinese HR outsourcing industry was driven by the "One Belt and One Road" strategy. According to the data of the Ministry of Commerce, in 2015, the service outsourcing contract amount related to countries of "One Belt, One Road" reached 17,830 million US dollars and the amount executed reached 12,150 million US dollars. The year-on-year growth rates are 42.6% and 23.4% respectively. "The effects of the One Belt and One Road strategy upon the outsourcing industry are becoming more and more obvious. As an important component in this industry, the HR outsourcing providers shall grasp the opportunity, go deep into related countries, accumulate cross-regional resource advantages and expand the business scope gradually." Chary Zhu further analyzes that the key of "grasp the opportunity" lies in the understanding of national conditions, investment environment and talents market conditions, etc. in related countries. Valuable services shall be provided for the business expansion of the customers based on company's primary fields; as to "expanding the business scope", potential opportunities shall be provided for the consumers based on the wide business coverage, and shall help more Chinese enterprises" walk out" and help more foreign enterprises "walk in" so as to follow the implementation of the global strategy of China.   

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